Your heating system has been taking a break over the summer months in Jacksonville, North Carolina, but winter is coming. Soon your furnace will be working overtime to keep your family shielded from the cold. Make sure it’s workings its best.

Here are some tips from your nearby heating contractor on how you can prepare your furnace for the cold months ahead.

Make Sure Your Heater is Ready for the Winter Months with the Help of Your Local Heating Contractor

Replace the Filter

Air filter replacement is an easy, often forgotten way to promote the health of your heating system. It takes very little time and money and helps lower energy costs, improve air quality, and prolong the life of your heating system.

Most experts suggest replacing the filter once every three months. We recommend you check on it monthly and replace it sooner if it appears dirty, especially through the winter.

Buy filters in bulk during summer months. Filter prices increase with demand in the winter.

Check on the Ducts

Most people don’t think of their vents when preparing their heater, but they’re an important part of the system. If your ducts aren’t properly sealed, you can lose about 20% of your warm air. This wastes energy and forces your heating system work harder to get your home to a comfortable temperature.

Make Sure Vents are Free and Clear

Don’t waste energy by sending hot air to blocked or obstructed air vents. By having these vents covered by rugs or furniture, you’re losing out on the full effects of your furnace. Before winter begins, look around your house and move furniture to make sure there aren’t any vents being blocked up.

Schedule a Furnace Check-Up and Cleaning

Over the months of disuse, your furnace has likely accumulated a layer of dust. This can affect the performance of your heating system, and create a potential fire hazard. Your heater may have also fallen into disrepair since it was last turned on.

Get your heating system professionally cleaned and serviced each fall to avoid any issues that might keep you from having warm air in the winter.

Make sure the job is done right by using the services of an excellent heating contractor, like Jacksonville Heating & Cooling. Jacksonville Heating & Cooling’s team of technicians has experience working with most HVAC brands. Let us get your heating system in shape for this winter.