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Don’t let a faulty heating system rob your home of comfort during the winter months. Jacksonville Heating & Cooling has prepared this troubleshooting guide to help you identify issues you may have with your furnace, so you know when to call in your local HVAC contractor.

Recognize What’s Wrong With Your Heater, So You Know When to Call an HVAC Contractor for Repair or Replacement

If you have any questions about potential fixes or are uncomfortable performing any of these repairs for yourself, contact Jacksonville Heating & Cooling.

Problem #1: The Heater Won’t Produce Enough or Any Warm Air

If your heater just won’t heat, check these simple fixes first:
  1. Is the thermostat set to “heat?”
  2. Does the thermostat have working batteries?
  3. Have you replaced the air filter recently?
  4. Are the air registers blocked?
  5. Check your circuit breakers to make sure the furnace is getting power.
  6. Check that the pilot light is lit (if applicable).
  7. Clean the flame sensor.

Problem #2: The Heating System Turns Off and On Too Frequently

Over-cycling can waste energy and keep your home from reaching a comfortable temperature. If your furnace is experiencing this issue, try the following fixes:
  1. Check that the thermostat is working correctly.
  2. Change the air filter.
  3. Ensure that the heat registers are open.
  4. Clean the flame sensor.
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Problem #3: Blower Won’t Run

If the blower isn’t functioning, the heat produced by the furnace won’t spread through your home.

The most likely issue causing this is a broken blower belt. If you feel comfortable making the repair, replace the belt using this guide.

Problem #4: Blower Won’t Stop Running

Another energy waster, this problem has two main causes: a thermostat issue or a limit switch malfunction. The limit switch will require expert service, but the thermostat is easy to check. Just make sure that the fan is set to “Auto” and not “On.”

Problem #5: The Furnace Is Too Noisy

Most loud noises coming from your heating system point to mechanical issues that require repair from a professional technician. If your furnace is making loud noises, especially if these are grinding noises, contact your nearby HVAC contractor.

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